About Us

SONIC REIGN is a 5 piece band from Somerset County, NJ consisting of​ (left to right):


Andy Janowiak, Drums; Keith Benicaso, Bass; Mark Porchik, Vocals; Frank Leotti, Guitar; Bruce Williams, Guitar

Sonic Reign Would Like to Thank


Their families, friends, and fans for their continuing support, with special thanks to:

  • Michael Porchik
  • Debbie Leotti
  • Jessica Stock
  • Rebecca Boyce
  • Dave Skuba (R.I.P.)
  • Bob Beucler 
  • Randy Marinelli
  • Carmen and Kathy at Woodrock Studios
  • Scott and Mark From TSS Audio Sound engineers 
  • Bridgewater Eagle Riders Aerie # 2137 
  • Chaney  Weiner
  • Wayne and Marilyn Heater
  • Corey Willis and Janet Mehalick Marcincavage
  • Jacqueline Chrystal 
  • Pete Dutko
  • Dave Malavenda (R.I.P.)
  • Jimmy Shields  
  • ​Dick Craig  
  • Bill Hagen
  • Scott Metaxas
  • Charles "Chaz" Wrobel
  • Gary Drummer
  • John Holodinski
  • Greg Hurst
  • John Santostefano
  • Doug Hansen
  • Jeffrey Colangelo  
  • The Conways  
  • Jim Parks
  • Cathy Berg